Residential Land Surveying & Engineering Services

Given today’s sensitivity to stormwater management, homeowners are required to adhere to ever-changing regulations governing new construction, no matter what size or scope their project may be.  Our knowledge and understanding of the challenges that homeowners face provide us with the tools to assist those homeowners with all aspects relating to local, state and federal permits and approvals. 

Our design professionals are understanding of homeowners’ construction timelines and constraints, and work expediently to insure that homeowners can meet their deadlines and avoid costly delays. 

Residential Land Surveying & Engineering Services Include:

  • Boundary and Topographical Surveys
  • Building Permit Plans
  • Pool Permit Plans
  • Stormwater Management Designs & Plans
  • Erosion Control Designs
  • County Conservation District Submissions for Earth Disturbance Approvals
  • NPDES Permitting for Construction Activities

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